About Us

Advanced Protection Consultants LLC (d/b/a Pistol License Specialists of New York), has over 25 years experience in NYC firearms licensing and training. Our expert consultants are former law enforcement officers. Our clients include private individuals, business owners, executives, celebrities, professionals, doctors, lawyers, politicians, public and private sector businesses and organizations. 

We also offer public safety consulting and training. Many public and private entities today require professionally trained and equipped law enforcement officers on their premises. We arrange government approval for local businesses and organizations to participate in the official Special Patrolman Program. This is a unique public safety program that authorizes the formation and operation of an in-house peace officer force.

Our experts arrange all licensing and training for your designated employees to be deputized as Special Patrolmen by the New York City Police Department. Special Patrolmen are peace officers as provided for by NYS law. Our police science instructors are licensed by NYS Department of Criminal Justice Services and the Bureau of Municipal Police to teach peace officer and firearms courses. We also offer the NYS 47 hour armed guard training course for armed security guards. 

We take pride in our excellent record of customer satisfaction. You can rest assured that you will receive the highest level of honesty, integrity and professional service from our company.

We provide all the following services…

  • Preparation of all official applications and licensing documents for obtaining firearms licenses and/or special patrolman appointments.
  • Expert customization and preparation of letters of necessity that are required with many handgun license applications.
  • Assistance in obtaining, authenticating and notarizing application forms, official court records and certificates of disposition.
  • Expert coaching and preparation for passing the police department licensing interview.
  • If needed, referral to one of our attorneys that specializes in NYC firearms licensing laws and 2nd Amendment issues.
  • Referral to our affiliated firearm dealer and gun range for special discounts. 
  • Expert advice on firearms selection with the ability to test shoot range owned guns prior to making your purchasing decision.
  • Free one year gun range membership at our affiliated Manhattan range. 
  • Free gun safety training lessons with our licensed instructor. 
  • Official NRA Firearms Courses, NYS Armed Guard Course and Peace Officer training courses conducted by our licensed instructors.
  • Our business offices are conveniently located in midtown Manhattan.
  • Free telephone consultation to determine if you’re eligible and qualified for a NYC firearms license.